4 visual branding trends that you need to look out for in 2021!

I believe that we will see a great shift in graphic design trends. I think it will go from minimalism to maximalism!

The focus should be on the foreground.

When creating anything branded, the main image or word which you want to be the focal point should be in the foreground, not the background! You want the image/ wording to stand out and it will just get lost in the background if it is not placed in the foreground.

The year is 2021 we’ve all had so much time to play around with our visuals we will definitely be seeing more eye-catching visual branding with contrasting colours and illustrations.

Increase in illustrations

With the new year finally, here we will see an increase in illustrations being used within branding. Illustrations are seen as a non-intimidating way to express your message. But on the other hand, if this medium is being overused it can make the brand seem disingenuous.

Focus on faces

I had time this Christmas to really figure out what viewers want to see and studies have shown that viewers are more likely to interact with branding campaigns when their materials include faces. Humans are drawn to images with real people and are immediately more trusting of these brands. Break down that wall to allow customers to see who you and your brand are and you will notice a difference in your business.

Showing the brand through screenshots

When I saw this I immediately thought of course! Research shows consumers are more likely to engage with brands that use screenshots to explain something rather than written instructions. When giving a tutorial, or a how-to video, screenshots are the easiest way to demonstrate the process. Just always remember to brand your screenshots!

And there are the 4 top visual branding trends you need to look out for in 2021! I am most excited to see people breaking down that barrier and allowing customers to really get to know the business by using real images of people. I’m also really excited to see the increase in illustrations as I love seeing how creative people can be! It is one of the best ways to express what you are trying to say.

What trend are you most excited to see in 2021?

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