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Below are the most common packages I use to help other businesses grow their business online.

Whether you're looking for ongoing assistance or support with a one-time gig, I have the right package that will fit your needs. I can help you to create the perfect package that will really suit you and your businesse's needs. If you do not see what you are looking for I am more than happy to chat with you to create your perfect package designed just for YOU. 

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Monthly SEO Retainer 

10 Hours

£400/ Month

20 Hours

£800/ Month

40 Hours

£1600/ Month

Social Media Engagement Packages

1 Platform

1 Platform


2 Platforms

2 Platforms


3 Platforms

3 Platforms

£900/ month

Blogging Packages

1 Blog 

£100/ Month

1 x 350 words

Image included

2 Blogs

£180/ Month

2 x 350 words

Images included 

3 Blogs

£280/ Month

3 x 350 word

Images included